J&N Finishes

All Of Our Services

We at J&N provide a skilled, efficient solution to all your decorating needs. We have a team of experienced painters and decorators, trained to handle any painting or redecorating projects you may need help with. We will happily take on residential, commercial and industrial contracts. It is our company policy to ensure that every project is dealt with in a high-quality professional manner and we are happy to make recommendations regarding materials to suit your needs and budget.


Residential & Commercial

At J&N we are committed to carrying out our jobs with utmost care by highly skilled professionals providing an immaculate end result guaranteed.

Our extensive experience within the Painting & Decorating Industry means we can manage the entire process right through to Job Completion.

Interior & Exterior

We provide services for all aspects of interior and exterior decorations to suit the client requirements for any project.

Wall Coverings

We have many years of experience when it comes to hanging all types of wallpaper. It comes in a variety of different patterns and colours that are designed to give you a unique finish.

In addition, wallpaper can also come in a range of textures that can add depth to a room that paint cannot achieve.

Airless Spraying

As Professional contractors we use airless spraying for several reasons, the most important being their speed, quality, and versatility. Airless spraying is up to 4 times faster meaning your job can be completed in less time.

The quality produces an even coat of paint on all surface types, leaving a high-quality finish.